About the Tom Garvey Internship Programme

The Tom Garvey Internship Programme assists young environmental professionals in the further development of their careers. At the same time, the programme provides support to REC projects through the involvement of young professionals who contribute fresh insights and approaches. By improving cooperation between the REC and other organisations, the programme also enables the REC to extend its network in the region and beyond.

Types of internships

Internships usually last between three and six months, during which time participants work closely with, and are tutored by, an expert from the REC staff. Interns have access to the REC’s resources and can take advantage of the REC's contacts in the region.

Option 1. Project-based approach
A REC project team might select an intern, or the intern might choose a project. The participant would take part in the given project throughout the internship as a full member of the project team.

Option 2. Topic-based approach
Successful applicants would be invited to decide which topic area, and within this topic area which particular field, they wish to explore in greater depth. The work of the REC’s 12 topic areas supports two main international policy goals: governance for sustainability; and green economy.
During the internship, the participant would be involved in the daily work of the chosen expert team and would learn by doing.

Option 3. Assignment to a country office
Working in a country where a participant’s chosen topic is of particular importance, or where a unique programme is being implemented, can offer the best learning context. For example, a participant from Southern Europe wanting to work on sea-related issues would benefit from being assigned to a country office in the Baltics in order to learn about best practice on site.

Option 4. Shadowing
In this case, participants would have an opportunity to decide which REC position, topic area or project interests them most. Based on their “wish list”, a shadowing programme would be created for them, allowing them to accompany two or three members of the REC staff for two weeks at a time. (This type of internship would last between four and six weeks.)

Terms of reference

Terms of reference will be agreed upon by all parties before an internship is confirmed. An internship agreement will then be drawn up for signature shortly after the intern’s arrival.


In most cases, the costs of the internship are fully covered by the sending organisation or the intern. In the framework of the Tom Garvey Internship Programme, interns may apply for coverage of some or all of their costs. Please indicate your needs on the application form. Applications will be evaluated case by case.


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